Meet Bobby Moakley, your Cross-Registered Senator!

Bobby’s goals for this year:

  • I want to create a stronger community among the cross-registered students. RIT and NTID have their distinct and intermingled communities with strong pride, but the X-Reg community lacks this bond and pride. Strengthening the bond between X-Reg students will eventually strengthen the community as a whole.
  • I want to get as many students (X-reg or not) involved in on-campus activities/organizations. I strongly believe that the key to development and success at college is to get involved as much as you can-make the biggest impact that you can. By linking students with clubs and organizations they love, they are more likely to stay continually involved and push for change on campus.
  • Not only do I want to get students involved, but I also want to create many opportunities for all students. Opportunities for students to get jobs, to give back to the community, to get involved with their passions, and to make themselves better.
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