Meet Christopher Tran, your GCCIS Senator!

Christopher’s goals for this year:

  • Continue the work on the feasibility of 24 hour GCCIS labs or alternative 24 hour lab setups – Currently, many GCCIS students are still limited to the hours of their major’s labs and their own computers. An issue that was presented itself was that some students would encounter issues on their personal machines and would not be able to complete their work on-time. The lack of appropriate resources for the student sets them up for failure.
  • Establish a continuous channel of communication between the college leadership and the students – Currently, there is no streamlined method of bringing up issues to college leadership without forwarding everything through the College Senator. The establishment of a committee of some sort will allow a collective of students to bring issues directly to leadership and eliminate the bottlenecks of sending everything through the senator.
  • Revisit the possibilities of sponsored labs – The idea of having companies sponsor and maintain a few labs within the college would allow departments to have better technology to work with. This would also build the reputation of the college/department to prospective students.

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