Meet Enri Marini, your KGCOE Senator!

Enri’s goals for this year:

  • Establish a strong foundation of communication between the KGCOE student & faculty bodies with Student Government via a central social media platform (Facebook page titled “KGCOE Community”). The goals of this platform are as follows:
    • KGCOE has such a high student population and is so diverse that students often feel overwhelmed and excluded from the community. There are many clubs/organizations, along with other interest groups in KGCOE, however at times these feel very exclusive and in fact many of which are very niche and often word of such groups doesn’t reach as many students as they can due to the sheer volume of students and the general decentralized approach of communication means of these groups to the general student body, as well as among one another. By establishing a central platform, it allows existing clubs/organizations/interest groups to more easily reach out to the KGCOE community and spread word of their existence and recruit easier, as well as update the community with events and on-goings being held by them.
    • Several colleges often hold study events and/or department get-togethers/celebrations and often invite even students outside the department to engage in the festivities. An example of such includes Computer Engineering cookouts, spree day, etc. This platform would offer an easy means of communicating such events.
    • This platform also offers a direct line of communication between the KGCOE Senator to the student body. This can be used to hold events such as town hall meetings and post updates informing the KGCOE community from what SG is doing and poll students for discussions. This can also be used to post general updates to the community by either the Senator or other students (ie. Popcorn hour, keynote speakers, faculty/administration changes, etc.)
  • Competition vehicle team resource sharing and collaboration
    • Many of the competition vehicle teams use the same facilities and space as one another and productivity for all teams decreases when more time is spent trying to fend off others for using the tools. This effort aims to hold monthly meetings between all of the competition vehicle teams for an open forum to iron out details of space reservation, event planning, and the like between the teams. All of this is to be done with help from the CAST SG Senator present as well.
  • Establish a routine for every year for the KGCOE Senator to collect & maintain updated contact information for all KGCOE clubs/organizations as well as meeting schedules for all said clubs/organizations
  • Reach goals
    • General increase in club/organization collaboration and resource sharing
      • ESW and EWH
      • IEEE student chapter societies
      • Research societies
      • Other professional student societies
    • MESA reorganization and kick-start
      • Rather than make MESA a club/organization about having students create their own projects and the like from scratch, instead they should govern themselves as a professional student chapter of either some pre-existing engineering societies in the related field (IEEE-TED, SPIE, regular IEEE, etc…)
        • This organization should instead pull in industry help/funding with the assistance of faculty to fund projects & designs in the lab facilities. This will be immensely difficult as the idea of what this club is has been an issue for many years and heavily lacks faculty support
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