Corinn Marriott

CAD Senator

Year: 4th
Major: Illustration
Hometown: Fillmore, NY

My name is Corinn Marriott and I am a 4th year Illustration major with a focus on zoological and botanical illustration. I am very involved in the CAD and RIT communities. Within CAD, I am the Honors Late Entry Representative, and represent the School of Art at open houses. On campus, I work as a Student Ambassador for Undergraduate Admissions, am the President of the Rescue Shelter Club, and an active member of the RIT Pep Band, and Equestrian Team. I am a huge hockey fan, and will be found at the majority of home games with the band. If I’m not on campus working on projects or at hockey games, I am usually found on a horse, volunteering at an animal shelter, or making way too many puns.I am really excited to be part of the SG family and to represent CAD, and can’t wait to see what we will accomplish this year!

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