SG is Hiring Committee Chairs!

Are you interested in leading a committee? Apply today to be a committee chair! Student Government is currently hiring students to lead the Sustainability, Housing and Dining, FPAT, and Academics and Co-ops committees for the 2018-2019 Academic Year!

To apply for all, please submit a resume and cover letter to, with email subject line “Committee Chair Application”.

Address your cover letter to the Director of Operations. In your cover letter, please include:

  • What impact you hope to have on RIT’s student body as a committee chair.
  • Why you believe student advocacy work is important.
  • What you want to bring to the specific committee you are applying to (if multiple, please address each committee).

Resumes should primarily include campus and student based involvement, with relevant supplementary professional skills.

All materials are due to by THURSDAY, APRIL 19th.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Host a committee meeting once every week.
  • Take accurate meeting minutes, or appoint someone to take meeting minutes.
  • Communicate meeting information and meeting minutes to committee members.
  • Manage all charges assigned to committee (does not need to take on a charge).
  • Delegate and be a resource to committee members as they work through charges during the meeting and outside of the meeting.
  • Meet with SG Director of Operations for 1:1 meetings.
  • Meet with SG Director of Student Relations for 1:1 meetings.
  • Attend Committee Head meeting.
  • Attend weekly Senate meeting.
  • Submit monthly timesheet of work done.
  • Meet and communicate with key department/administrative staff/faculty on behalf of committee members in a timely manner.

Open Committees:


RIT is invested in creating a sustainable campus, and Sustainability committee is Student Government’s commitment to doing such.

The chair of sustainability committee works with on campus partners and the environmentally focused student groups on campus to make sure RIT is creating a brighter future starting now.

Housing and Dining

Housing and Dining committee deals directly with student needs in the dorms and the dining halls. Concerns about life in the residence halls or what’s going on at Gracie’s can be handled here. This is one of the committees that deals most directly with day to day student needs.

Facilities, Parking, and Transportation

The FPAT committee chair collaborates with key stakeholders to manage some of the most important aspects of upperclassmen and commuter students, working with on campus and off campus partners to make sure that getting around Rochester and RIT is as smooth for students and visitors as possible.

Academics and Co-Op

Academic and Co-Ops Committee works to improve the quality of academic and co-op experiences for current and future RIT Students.

Some charges include Extending the Drop Period for classes, initiate a Pass Fail Grading System, and Career Fair Assignments.