SG is Hiring Committee Heads!

Are you interested in leading a committee? Apply today to be a committee head! Student Government is currently hiring students to lead committees for the 2017-2018 academic year.

If you’re interested in applying, please fill out this form. Feel free to email with any questions.


Student Government Standing Committees started in Fall of 2016.  At the time PawPrints was heading into its 2nd year, and it was becoming very popular among the RIT community. Committees were formed to handle the extra load caused by PawPrints, so that Student Government could remain timely and responsive to student needs.  These committees became standing to ensure that they would continue year after year and not disband like the ad hoc committees of previous years.  The committees were created as buckets marking significant student needs, and they worked on a variety of charges given to them by the Senate.  Student Government currently has 5 standing committees:

  • Housing and Dining
  • Facilities, Parking, and Transportation
  • Sustainability
  • Academics & Co-ops
  • Student Affairs

Each of these committees require a Committee Head to run the meeting, manage charges, and lead committee members.  Committees membership is open to all students, and Committee Heads are appointed by the Student Government President with approval from the Senate.

Committee Heads are required to:

  • Host a committee meeting once every week.
  • Take accurate meeting minutes, or appoint someone to take meeting minutes.
  • Communicate meeting information and meeting minutes to committee members.
  • Manage all charges assigned to committee (does not need to take on a charge).
  • Delegate and be a resource to committee members as they work through charges during the meeting and outside of the meeting.
  • Meet with SG Director of Operations for 1:1 meetings.
  • Meet with SG Director of Student Relations for 1:1 meetings.
  • Attend Committee Head meeting.
  • Attend weekly Senate meeting.
  • Submit monthly timesheet of work done.
  • Meet and communicate with key department/administrative staff/faculty on behalf of committee members in a timely manner.

Committees Include:

One of Student Government’s largest committees, the Sustainability committee helps look at ways to increase sustainable actions on RIT’s campus. Some of their current charges include:

  • Creating a campus composting program.
  • Opt-out of Junk Mail.
  • Sustainable campus beautification projects.
Student Affairs
Taking a lot of charges relating to improvement of student life at RIT, some of the current charges of Student Affairs committee are:

  • Redesigning student ID cards, campus maps, and diplomas.
  • Report on school closing in inclement weather.
  • Health Center improvements.
  • Affordable RIT Merchandise.
Academics & Co-ops
Academics & Co-ops works on all issues relating to academic affairs at RIT. Some of their current charges include:

  • Looking at the representation of majors being recruited at the career fair.
  • Adobe Creative Suite Licenses for students.
  • Mandatory posting of grades on MyCourses.
  • Providing student input on The Wallace Center improvements.
Facilities, Parking & Transportation
Facilities looks at the buildings, operating times, and furnishings on RIT’s campus. Some of the current facilities charges include:

  • Writing a report on campus couches.
  • Keeping campus accessible.
  • Laundry room reports.

All issues related to parking and transportation services at RIT fall under this committee. In partnership with the Parking & Transportation Office, the committee is currently working on:

  • Advocating for ridesharing services in New York State.
  • UR/RIT Bus Route Partnership.
  • Bike Fixing Station on campus.
Housing & Dining
Everyone loves to eat! As one of our most active committees, there is a great partnership between Dining Services and SG. Some of the current charges of the Dining section of the Housing and Dining committee include:

  • Helping with Gracie’s Renovation plans.
  • Tiger Bucks locations expansions.
  • Getting a bulk foods section on campus.

For students living in apartments and residence halls, the Housing section of the Housing and Dining Committee looks at all of the issues and potential improvements to housing at RIT. Some of the current charges include:

  • Housing Plan Resolution.
  • Overcrowded housing.
  • Gender-inclusive housing.
  • Affordable housing.