Jacob Ellis

Academics and Co-Ops Committee Chair

Year: 2nd
Major: International Business and Finance

Hey there! My name is Jacob Ellis but just about everyone calls me Jake. I am an International Business student at Saunders with a co-major in Finance. I love getting to know students and staff at SCB, and I love to help out in just about everything you can think of. I have worked at Paychex, helped Rochester Regional Health problem solve,and I have even worked with a startup company called Viggi. One day I hope to work as a corporate lawyer because I think it’s a lot of fun to get into big debates. When I am not in class I love to hang out with friends both on and off campus. I am a huge fan of grabbing food and then going to see a movie so lots of the time if I am not on campus, the movie theater is where you can find. I absolutely love meeting new people and building relationships with new friends so reach out and we can get to know each other!

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