Eunyoung Doucet

Year: 3rd
Major: Accounting & Ad/PR
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Hello! My name is Eunyoung Doucet and I’m a 3rd year student in Accounting. I’m 3rd generation deaf, Korean Sign Language is my first language and I am fluent in American Sign Language. Technically, I know four languages which are ASL, KSL, Korean and English. The main reason why I moved to United States is to obtain a better education and opportunity here in the United States especially for the deaf and hard of hearing people. I’m from Seattle, Washington but my family moved to Phoenix, Arizona last summer. I graduated Texas School for the Deaf and decided to go to RIT and here I am! RIT is my 2nd home. I used to be involved in Student Life Team as a Community Student Leader, Summer Director for Explore Your Future and TechGirlz/TechBoyz that one of summer programs at RIT, and some volunteering events as well. I look forward to my continual contribution to RIT and to pour my heart into it and as well as to the deaf community.


To represent to the interests of the student body through the implementation of innovative programs, services, and initiatives that enrich student lives. We will be the primary source of advocacy for students from Rochester Institute of Technology and we will utilize our shared governance structure to voice student opinion and concern. RIT Student Government will be the forefront of change within the university.

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