Alex Tabatabi

Cross-Registered Senator

Year: 5th Year

Major: Biomedical Science (Pre-Dental)

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Throughout my childhood, I grew up in a very supportive hearing family that helped me develop in their world; at a young age, my parents got me hearing aids and cochlear implants. While I was in highschool, I had this curiosity to see what’s like to be in the Deaf world and decided to go to University at RIT. In the past four years I’ve tried to get to know many HoH/Deaf people, this allowed me to effectively communicate both in ASL and verbally. Being connected in both the hearing world and the HoH/deaf world has contributed so much to me in my life. During my time here on campus, I’ve been heavily involved. As a member of a Social Fraternity, I served on Executive Committee as New Member Educator. With this role, I learned to be a guide, mentor, leader, teacher, and advocate; I will bring these skills, energy and enthusiasm to help the community around us! I have many experiences to draw from as a fourth year student, and perspective from studying Biomedical Science, Math, Psychology, and Computer Engineering.


To represent to the interests of the student body through the implementation of innovative programs, services, and initiatives that enrich student lives. We will be the primary source of advocacy for students from Rochester Institute of Technology and we will utilize our shared governance structure to voice student opinion and concern. RIT Student Government will be the forefront of change within the university.

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