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Student Leadership Positions

Student Government’s elections are currently taking place. You can learn more at

Open Positions:

SG President and Vice President

SG Academic Senators

SG Community Senators

ACA President and VP

Global Union President and VP

NSC President and VP

NSA Speaker and Vice Speaker

OCASA President and VP

OUTspoken President and VP

RHA President and VP

Committees—Open to All Students

Committees are a great opportunity for any student to get involved in Student Government. You can join a committee of your choice, and work on issues you are passionate about. Any year level student can participate, and we encourage you to join a committee if you are interested in higher leadership roles in Student Government going forward! The time commitment for a committee member is an estimated 1-2 hours per week.

Student Government Committees include:

  • Academics & Co-ops
  • Deaf Advocacy
  • Housing & Dining
  • Facilities, Parking & Transportation
  • Student Affairs
  • Sustainability
  • Technology

SG Job Opportunities

SG is hiring! SG employs a number of staff members to help with essential functions such as staff assistants, web developers, systems administrators, web designers, graphic designers, photographers, social media managers, and more! Please click the link below to view our current open positions:


To represent to the interests of the student body through the implementation of innovative programs, services, and initiatives that enrich student lives. We will be the primary source of advocacy for students from Rochester Institute of Technology and we will utilize our shared governance structure to voice student opinion and concern. RIT Student Government will be the forefront of change within the university.
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