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Join SG’s Cabinet!

We’re looking for highly motivated student to be in our next cabinet! The SG Cabinet makes up part of the legislative branch of Student Government. By working closely with senators, committees, and external departments, the cabinet serves an essential role in Student Government. The positions run for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Applications are due by Wednesday, April 10th, 11:59PM.

Director of Student Relations

Manages Student Government’s PawPrints petition site, including managing charges, writing responses, and organizing documents to ensure that all student viewpoints are represented. We are looking for someone who has the capability to look at issues that arise long-term and who is organized and accountable

Director of Finance

Create, manage, and update the Student Government budget. Distribute funds to clubs and organizations, by participating in all three Finance Committees; Greek Finance Committee, Club Sports Federation, and SG Finance Committee. We are looking for someone who can evaluate current spending and help us effectively use Student Activities Fees.

Director of Programming

Handles all of the internal and external event planning for Student Government. This person manages existing events like the Horton Speaker, as well as works to create new programs to help spread the word about Student Government. The Dir. of Programming is someone who can help us create new and unique programs, and work on improving existing SG programming. The Dir. of Programming also oversees and manages Project SpiRIT.

Director of Marketing

Manages the SG Design team, marketing materials, advertising, and SG social media channels. We are looking for someone who can analyze and create a solid strategic communication for Student Government going forward, including email communications, social media, printed materials, and more.

Director of Services

Manages the SG Services team, developing all of SG’s online services (including PawPrints, Naps, TigerTracker, etc.) and chairs the technology committee. We are looking for someone with strong project management skills, and a thourough knowledge of software development and computer systems.


  • Must be a registered full time student.
  • Must be in good standing with conduct and academics
  • Must submit all application materials found here.

Join Student Government!

Join the SG team and become one of the top student leaders on campus by running for office! We have 5 senator positions open for elections this fall and one RSO position.

To learn more about positions, elections dates, voting, and elections rules, visit

Join the SG Marketing Team!

Student Government’s Marketing Team is hiring for the 2018-2019 school year! Here are the available positions:

Content and Social Media Strategist

You have a passion for tweeting, posting, and blogging. You have a quick wit and robust sense of humor. And you play nicely with others. If this describes you, you may make the perfect SG Social Media Manager!


The social media manager will manage SG’s social media pages and wordpress website and help SG reach out to the RIT community. They will be responsible for writing posts to inform the student body about SG events, services, and activities.


  • Post daily about SG events, services, and activities
  • Write monthly newsletters

Required skills

  • Writing
  • Knowledge of Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat)
  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Knowledge of Public Relations and Marketing

Graphic Designer

You have an eye for eye-catching design and a sense of style. You are remarkably creative. You get a kick out of sharing your work with others? And you play nicely with others. If this describes you, you may make the perfect SG Graphic Designer!


The graphic designer will help design items to promote SG and reach out to students about SG events, services, and activities. This includes posters, email inserts, banners, and other visual media as required.


  • Create Promotional Items (posters, banners, email inserts, etc.)

Required skills

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign

Additional Skills

It is preferred that applicants have additional skills in illustration/handlettering or photography. These skills do not require full time positions but we have need for them on occasion.

Photographer & Videographer

You have a passion for capturing the perfect photographic image. For you there is no greater calling than taking that one photo that is actually worth 1,000 words. You are an outstanding visual chronicler of everyday life. If this describes you, you may make the perfect SG Photographer & Videographer!


The photographer/videographer will take photographs and videos of SG events for social media posts as well as promotional materials. They are responsible for capturing images and videos of the highlights and memorable moments from SG events and sharing them with the University community through social media and promotional materials.


  • Attend all SG Events
  • Take photographs of events for social media posts and promotional materials

Required skills

  • Knowledge of photography and camera usage
  • Photoshop

Now Hiring Committee Chairs!

Committee chairs are responsible for the work of the Student Government Standing Committees. By working closely with other members of Student Government, as well as internal RIT departments and external vendors, committee chairs serve a vital role in Student Government. You are in charge of delegating work in your committee, holding committee meetings, and presenting charges and PawPrint responses at Senate meetings.

Applications are due by Wednesday, April 10th, 11:59PM.

Academics & Co-Ops

Academics & Co-ops works on all issues relating to academic affairs at RIT. Some of their current charges include:

  • Looking at the representation of majors being recruited at the career fair
  • Adobe Creative Suite Licenses for students
  • Mandatory posting of grades on MyCourses
  • Providing student input on The Wallace Center improvements
Housing & Dining

Everyone loves to eat! As one of our most active committees, there is a great partnership between Dining Services and SG. Some of the current charges of the Dining section of the Housing and Dining committee include:

  • Helping with Gracie’s Renovation plans
  • Tiger Bucks locations expansions
  • Getting a bulk foods section on campus

For students living in apartments and residence halls, the Housing section of the Housing and Dining Committee looks at all of the issues and potential improvements to housing at RIT. Some of the current charges include:

  • Housing Plan Resolution
  • Overcrowded housing
  • Gender-inclusive housing
  • Affordable housing
Facilities, Parking & Transportation

Facilities looks at the buildings, operating times, and furnishings on RIT’s campus. Some of the current facilities charges include:

  • Writing a report on campus couches
  • Keeping campus accessible
  • Laundry room reports

All issues related to parking and transportation services at RIT fall under this committee. In partnership with the Parking & Transportation Office, the committee is currently working on:

  • Advocating for ridesharing services in New York State
  • UR/RIT Bus Route Partnership
  • Bike Fixing Station on campus
Student Affairs

Taking a lot of charges relating to improvement of student life at RIT, some of the current charges of Student Affairs committee are:

  • Redesigning student ID cards, campus maps, and diplomas
  • Report on school closing in inclement weather
  • Health Center improvements
  • Project: Student Friendly Rochester

One of Student Government’s largest committees, the Sustainability committee helps look at ways to increase sustainable actions on RIT’s campus. Some of their current charges include:

  • Ethical and sustainable purchasing guidelines for the university.
  • Integrating more plant-based options into menus.
  • Coordinating with Dining Services to increase compostable and reusable utensils and containers.


  • Must be a registered full time student.
  • Must be in good standing with conduct and academics
  • Must submit all application materials found here.


To represent to the interests of the student body through the implementation of innovative programs, services, and initiatives that enrich student lives. We will be the primary source of advocacy for students from Rochester Institute of Technology and we will utilize our shared governance structure to voice student opinion and concern. RIT Student Government will be the forefront of change within the university.

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