Make Your Mark at RIT! PawPrints allows members of the RIT community to create, sign, and share petitions. If a petition receives 200 signatures, it is guaranteed a response from Student Government. SG will look at any petition with a good idea, regardless of signature count. PawPrints has resulted in the implementation of great new initiatives around campus, like Zipcar!

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Did you know that RIT is an international university with several global campuses? As of 2016, PawPrints has expanded to RIT campuses in Kosovo, Croatia & Dubai.
RITPedia is the place to go for information about the RIT community. Created for students by students, RITPedia was originally a FYE project to create an online resource for new students. As of Fall 2014, RITPedia was rejuvenated with a new look when it came under SG’s care.
Starting with Spring 2016 Enrollment, OpenEvals will be the way RIT students learn about professors and courses. Powered by SmartEvals data from previous semesters, OpenEvals will be best alternative to RateMyProfessor, featuring quality data from statistically validated questions. No chili peppers here!
Have a long break between classes? Up all night studying or doing homework? Have you ever wondered where the best spots on campus are for a quite place to study, relax, or nap? 

We’ve got you covered!

Finance Requests

Student Government provides funding to clubs and organizations through the Application for Additional Funds (AFAF) process. Funds are available through SG Finance Committee, Greek Finance Committee, and Sports Federation. More information at

Legal Consultations

Student Government has an attorney who is available to provide free legal advice to students. Visit the SG Office to sign up for an appointment. We’re located in the Campus Center across from the Welcome Desk, open 9am–5pm, Monday–Friday. Or call the office at 585-475-4043.

Van Rentals

Student Government has three vans to provide to student organizations free of charge. Use of the vans requires a van-certified driver. Vans are requested through the Event Registration (EVR) process. Van certifications and sign outs are handled by the Parking and Transportation office. 

The TE3

The TE3 was started by Student Government to provide a safe way for students to get to downtown Rochester on Friday and Saturday nights. You can find the TE3 schedule for Fall 2016 here

Break Bus

Student Government offers a Break Bus service for Winter Break and Spring Break. Free rides for Students to the airport, Amtrak station, and Bus stations!

Open Source Software

Student Government <3s Open Source. As a new entrant into the Free and Open Source Software community, Student Government is proud to make the software powering our services, including the Bikeshare and PawPrints, available free to the community.

Check out SG’s GitHub page to see our open source projects.

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PawPrints is the way RIT students share and gain support for their ideas. Petitions with enough signatures are guaranteed an official response from Student Government.
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To represent to the interests of the student body through the implementation of innovative programs, services, and initiatives that enrich student lives. We will be the primary source of advocacy for students from Rochester Institute of Technology and we will utilize our shared governance structure to voice student opinion and concern. RIT Student Government will be the forefront of change within the university.

Phone (585) 475-4043

Visit Us Campus Center, First Floor

Office Hours Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm