RIT Student Government is the governance group representing and serving students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. SG is one of three groups that together contribute members to University Council. SG’s counterparts are Staff Council, which represents RIT’s staff and Academic Senate, which represents RIT’s faculty.

University Council directly advises the President, who makes all final decisions. The President is accountable to the Board of Trustees, which has final responsibility for the university.

Internally, Student Government is composed of an executive branch and a senate. The President, who is the head of the executive branch, is elected by the student body each spring. Following the elections, the President appoints members of the executive (also known as the cabinet), which are then approved by the Senate. Cabinet positions include

  • Director of Finance – Manages SG’s financial resources (derived from your student activity fee)
  • Director of Operations – Assures the efficacy of SG as an organization and helps preserve information between administrations. This position is hired for a calendar, rather than academic, year.
  • Director of Student Relations – Ensures that the student body is well-represented and well-served by the actions of the executive.
  • Director of Services – Manages a staff of engineers/developers who maintain and create RIT’s digital services and products. Arranges and provides direct service offerings to students, like the Break Bus. Ensures that business/technology services well-serve SG’s internal business needs.
  • Director of Clubs & Organizations – Manages SG’s relationship with clubs, organizations, and the Club Center.
  • Director of Public Relations – Manages a staff of designers, photographers, and content managers who make sure students know what SG is doing.
  • Director of Programming – Manages SG’s events and assists senators in creating outreach opportunities to interact with students.

The Vice President runs on the same ticket as the President. They chair Senate meetings and help oversee senators. Each academic college (as well as the School of Individualized Studies) has one senator, and there are also community senators, including Greek Senator, Graduate Senator, Women’s Senator, Cross-Registered Senator, and Freshman Senator.

The Student Government has two advisors who are appointed by Student Affairs.

You can find more information on each Senator in the bios, here.


To represent to the interests of the student body through the implementation of innovative programs, services, and initiatives that enrich student lives. We will be the primary source of advocacy for students from Rochester Institute of Technology and we will utilize our shared governance structure to voice student opinion and concern. RIT Student Government will be the forefront of change within the university.

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